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Health and Safety CDM Coordinator

Provision of CDM Coordinator by Registered coordinators in accordance with the CDM Regulations 2007 providing Clients with a key project advisor in respect of construction health and safety risk management matters.

Enhanced service offering to include regular independent site health and safety inspections on behalf of the Client, competency assessments of duty holders and end user requirements.

Principal aims of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 include the integration of health and safety into the management of a project from the start and to encourage everyone involved to work together to eliminate or reduce hazards during the planning and design stage.

Those who engage others to carry out construction work on their behalf or carry out construction work themselves are defined as The Client under the Regulations.

Clients are the primary influence upon any project and as such are required under the Regulations to ensure that the key aims are upheld as well as ensuring all other duty holders fulfil their duties.

The CDM co-ordinator is there to assist the client to fulfil this obligation and ensure that the principles of the CDM management system are followed by all parties.

The appointment of a competent CDM co-ordinator will provide the client and the project team with a resource that is focused on design risk management (DRM) and the Health and Safety needs of those constructing, maintaining and using buildings and structures.

Our CDM co-ordinator services are designed to ensure not only legislative compliance but added value via our specialist skills in design, occupational safety; construction safety and end user documentation. We can provide advice and guidance on all manner of safety related areas.


  • Develop a positive Health and Safety culture within the project team;
  • Ensure that the principles of CDM (and other relevant legislation) are integrated into the management of projects in a practical and effective manner;
  • Assist and advise Client’s on appointment of competent contractors;
  • Assist and advise Client’s on the adequacy of management arrangements;
  • Ensure proper co‐ordination of Health and Safety aspects of the design process;
  • Facilitate good communication and co‐operation between project team members
  • Prepare the Health and Safety file bespoke to the Client’s needs

In addition to the principal duties of the CDM co-ordinator, we will provide a comprehensive Health and Safety role, drawing upon the broader skills, knowledge and experience of all of our staff.

In conjunction with our Building Control, Environmental services, you obtain a truly competitive ‘one-stop-shop’ for your construction projects


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