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Environmental SBEM & DSM Calculations

Non-domestic energy assessment and services

Compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations typically requires energy modelling of building designs in order to demonstrate low carbon performance. BBS Environmental offers a number of services to help demonstrate compliance and provide useful guidance where designs fall short of the required standards.

SBEM (Simplified Building Energy Model) is a calculation methodology used to define the CO2 emissions of the designed building and compare this to the target standard. It is an effective and relatively swift energy modelling tool to use and incorporates a wide range of building energy features.

DSM (Dynamic Simulation Model) is a methodology similar to that of SBEM and is capable of defining the CO2 emissions of a building design. The difference is that it uses dynamic thermal techniques that model the building's thermal performance over time and on an hourly basis (Dynamic Thermal Modelling). This technique is able to better model the relationship between the building and the local external environment. Particular strengths include detailing the effect of the diurnal (“daily”) cycle and intricacies of solar shading which can be invaluable to passive design measures.

With Part L2 (2010) having shifted to more stringent energy and carbon standards and yet more low carbon improvements expected on the horizon there is a definite move towards passive building design and away from heavily serviced buildings. DSM based energy modelling is able to adopt passive design strategies more readily than SBEM and be better placed to inform design decisions.

Solar Shading Analysis

Solar Shading Analysis

Usually the option is open to either use SBEM or DSM. It is worth discussing which is most appropriate at an early stage as it may be cost effective and warrant the additional time and expense of DSM due to the flexibility it offers. For further information please contact Alex Duckworth on 01892 891280.

EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) – recent legislation requires that buildings being sold or let must demonstrate their energy efficiency. For non-domestic buildings BBS Environmental are able to use energy modelling to produce EPC certification highlighting the level of efficiency attained. Existing buildings may require a survey to be carried out by BBS Environmental in order to gather sufficient and relevant information.

Energy Performance Certificate

If your building requires an SBEM or DSM Calculation, please call BBS Environmental Services on 01892 891280, or email admin@bbsenvironmental.co.uk.


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