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Environmental The Home Quality Mark

The Home Quality Mark is a rigorous and relevant standard for new homes.

Developed by BRE – the UK’s leading building science centre – it helps everyone understand the quality, performance and attributes of new build homes.

Looking for a home with reduced payments and less maintenance? One that is cheaper to run, better located, and more able to cope with the demands of a changing climate?

Look for the Home Quality Mark.


Developed and assessed by independent experts, the Mark rates the quality, efficiency and performance of each home in ten key areas. Easy to understand and compare, the ratings remove the guess work from one of life’s most important decisions.


The Mark also considers the things that influence everyone’s quality of life: space, comfort, light, noise and access to local amenities. Ratings for each of these provide a clear and comprehensive picture that will help you find a home that really works for you.


The Mark brings financial benefits too. Homes receiving a high rating are cheaper to heat and power and less likely to need expensive repairs and maintenance.


BBS has independent, fully trained licenced assessors who will rate the new home based on a wide range of technical criteria. For further information, please contact Louise Veiga on: 01892 891280 or email: admin@bbsenvironmental.co.uk


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Home Quality Mark

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