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Environmental Dynamic Thermal Modelling

To compliment the wide range of certification services that BBS offer we provide the option of an in-depth study of the likely thermal and energy related performance based on your design. Thermal modelling involves taking designs and building specifications; representing them in a 3 dimensional model and running a year long simulation to provide detailed results.

Used early in the design process it can help designers make fundamental decisions in improving building design with the potential for reducing both development and running cost.

Typical uses of this service include the following:

  • Predicting internal comfort conditions throughout the year
  • Checking the likelihood of overheating during the summer months
  • Establishing likely yearly/monthly/daily energy demands (heating, cooling, lighting etc)
  • Likely energy requirements can be tied in with associated CO2 emissions and fed back into sustainability/planning reports.
  • Daylight calculations help designs to minimise artificial lighting and maximise available natural light
  • Solar shading analysis can be used to assist summer shading requirements or selecting most appropriate solar panel locations

Whatever your requirements on thermal modelling BBS Environmental Services will be able to assist in simulating your buildings future performance, please contact 01892 891280.

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