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Environmental Thermal Bridging Calculations

The calculation methodology within the last two versions of SAP (for part L1A2010 & 2013) has included the option of entering Thermal Bridging PSI values. At a junction between two thermal elements there is always a concentration of heat loss – the Thermal Bridge PSI value quantifies this change in thermal resistance.

Within the SAP calculation methodology there are a number of options to select published PSI value data or use default figures. When these are unsuitable for a construction type, or do not offer the predicted performance level, there is the option to have PSI values calculated.

BBS environmental is able to calculate both 2D & 3D PSI values, generating results for the use within SAP assessments. Calculations are completed to BR497. The calculation process also concludes whether the proposed junction makeup will result in an internal surface condensation risk. The assessment is reviewed against BRE Paper IP 1/106 to establish if there is a risk.

Whatever your requirements regarding Thermal bridging please contact; Ellen Huelin on 01892 893163, or email e.huelin@bbsenvironmental.co.uk

Thermal Bridging Profile


Thermal Bridging Profile

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